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Lake Maggiore, Italy
Navigazione Lago di Maggiore (NLM)
Steamer services were inaugurated in 1826 with PS Verbano and continue to this day with PS Piemonte, built in 1904, but now seeing only occasional service in the main summer season, almost exclusively on charter sailings. In recent years, Piemonte has had only one advertised sailing. In 1999 this was an evening cruise from Arona on 15th August

An intensive servive is, however, provided by motor vessels on this beautiful lake.

Three paddlers entered service between 1903 and 1908, a slightly smaller screw steamer in 1913 before the introduction of nine motor vessels in 1923/24. Piemonte spends most of her time moored at the NLM shipyard in Arona adjacent to Lombardia which operates as a restaurant, having been withdrawn in 1958. The third of the paddlers (Italia) was also taken out of service in 1958 and scrapped.

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