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River Elbe at Dresden, Germany
PS Pillnitz

Passing under the "Blaues Wunder" at Loschwitz, Dresden in 2004

Length 64.20 metres
2 cylinder oscillating engine built in 1886, compounded in 1912 : 400 mm and 770 mm x 760 mm

Entered service in 1886 as Konigin Carola
Renamed Diesbar (1919), Pillnitz (1927), Weltfrieden (1952) and Pillnitz (again, 1993)
Used to evacuate people from Hamburg during World War II
Withdrawn in 1979 with boiler trouble but returned to work after general reconditioning in 1983
Further reconditioning in 1992/93

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At Kurort Rathen in 2004

On the main deck

At the "Blaues Wunder" bridge, Loschwitz

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Above : Pillnitz at Koenigstein on 4th August 2014 shortly before taking the 14:50 hrs return sailing to Dresden. Photo by kind courtesy of Phil Barnes
Below : Photos of Pillnitz in 2004 by kind courtesy of Nigel Clark

Pillnitz Thumbs 2004 NC.jpg

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