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River Tyne

There have been boats crossing the Tyne for centuries and whilst the number of ferries mushroomed in the steam era, linking the city of Newcastle with Gateshead and providing short crossings between the industrial and shipbuilding communities on the north and south bank of the river, there now remains only the ferry between North Shields and South Shields. Bridges in the city of Newcastle and a tunnel at Jarrow has rendered the ferries redundant in the age of the motor car

As well as the short crossings, there were services along the length of the Tyne from above Newcastle at Elswick out to the Shields with additional cruises offered into the North Sea. They were run by the Tyne General Ferry Company from 1862 until 1908.

Tyne General Ferry Company (1862-1908)
Eliza (1864-


John Clayton (1883-1909)

Alice (1887-1909)

Siren (1896-1905)

Audrey (1898-1908)

Aileen (1898-1906)  Sold for use in Gambia as Mansah Kilah

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