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PS Smialy (ex - Hluboka, ex - Gresham)
Built in 1905 by J I Thornycroft at Southampton
Engines : Compound Diagonal by Scott of Greenock
Length : 130 feet
120 Gross Registered Tons

Served London County Council's River Thames service from Greenwich to Hammersmith from 1905-1907
Sold to German operators for service from Memel (East Prussia, now Klaipeda) for cargo and passengers
Probably moved westwards to what is now the north Polish coast during World War I
Moved to Prague in 1926 and used on the Vltava as a tug
During World War II she was appropriated by the German Army and moved to the River Vistula
Understood to have been sunk in 1944 and raised three years later for use by the River authorities at Pulawy as "Smialy"
From 1955-1958 she was based at Plock and until 1968 at Tczew
Left the Vistula for the north Polish coast at Mielno, where she was hauled onto land and used as a clubhouse
Later she was seen close to Mielno at Lazy

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