InTramCities  with Gordon Stewart  : Closed tramway Alignments
Basel, Switzerland

Burgfelden Grenze Terminus loop                                                                                       

This loop was closed and dismantled following the extension of services into the French border town of St Louis, which came into service on July 31st, 2017. This loop, on the western side of Burgfelderstrasse, immediately outwards from Waldinghoferstrasse was replaced by a through service on Burgfelder Strasse and a new station named Waldinghoferstrasse. A new loop was constructed one stop along the new extension, named Burgfelderhof, immediately at the Franco-Swiss border and used by alternate services which terminated without serving St Louis. The loop is situated partly in French territory.
Within the Basel area there were also tram stop renamings in the area. Luzernerring became Felix-Platter-Spital and the stop previously named Felix-Platter-Spital became Im Westfeld.     

Above : The now-dismantled Burgfelden Grenze loop, photographed on 20th August 2008

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