InTramCities with Gordon Stewart

           INFRASTRUCTURE, ARCHITECTURE and ENVIRONMENT along streets with trams


Despite the growing number of new city tramways and extensions to existing networks, some traditional tram routes are disappearing. Thankfully, most are as a result of  upgrade work to improve the railed transport system, almost all being replaced by underground metros or tramways. A number of the photos in the InTramCities photograph database show such tramways which are now out of service


March : Innsbruck - 
Defreggerstrasse and Pradler Strasse between Leipziger Platz and Roseggerstrasse, photographed on 22nd July, 2015. Replaced by a more direct alignment along Amraser Strasse  


December :  Stuttgart - Friedhofstrasse, photographed in June 2015. Replaced by a new direct alignment, partially in tunnel.

October : Torino :
Ponte Regina Margherita and Corso Giuseppe Gabetti, between between Piazzale Regina Margherita and Hermada tram terminus with the intermediate stop at Borromini : Closed on October 1st, 2017 : Replaced by buses   

September : Vienna - Favoritenstrasse, from Reumannplatz to Per-Albin-Hansson Siedlung, photographed in June 2017. Replaced by an extension of underground line U1

September : Hannover - Joachimstrasse and Prinzenstrasse between Hauptbahnhof (Ernst-August-Platz) and Aegidientorplatz. Not replaced, with the trams diverted to a new terminus north of the main railway line at the Central Bus Station

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