InTramCities  with Gordon Stewart  : Closed tramway Alignments
Bochum, Germany

Overland route between Unterstrasse and Witten-Papenholz. Photographed on March 23rd, 1986
Regular services ended in December 2019 but the alignment remained in use for depot workings and some Sunday services. It was used for the last time on September 27th, 2020 but the link to the town of Witten remains, with a new alignment via Bochum-Langendreer.

Film No No Location View Dir Tram Notes
860041 8 Papenholz Out In 292 Tram on single track stretch close to the Witten town boundary 
860041 9 Papenholz In Out
860041 10 Am Honnengraben Out Out 14 Double-track passing point on the Bochum - Witten route   
860041 11 Kallehardt Out In 10
860041 12 Kallehardt In In 10 Tram passing new resiential area between Kallehardt and Im Umminger Feld   
860041 13 Unterstrasse In Out 284 On single track between Unterstrasse and Im Umminger Feld   

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