InTramCities  with Gordon Stewart  : Closed tramway Alignments
Hannover, Germany

Joachimstrasse and Prinzenstrasse from between Hauptbahnhof (Ernst-August-Platz) and Aegidientorplatz : Closed on 17th September 2017 : photographed in 1983, 1991 and 1998. 

Hannover's extensive tramway system was one of the first to be transformed into a Stadtbahn with three main routes through the city centre in tunnel (the A, B and C routes) with surface running outside the central area. Plans existed for a fourth line but were never implemented, although certain works were undertaken, including a station at Hauptbahnhof. As a result, tram routes 10 and 17 remained in the central area, linking Steintor with Hauptbahnhof (Ernst-August-Platz), Thielenplatz and Aegidientorplatz. The tram line extended into Friedrichstrasse to terminate close to the Neues Rathaus until cut back to Aegidientorplatz in 1996, before the surrounding area underwent considerable remodelling in the 1997 to 1999 period and the erstwhile site of the tram terminus is unrecognisable today. This had originally been part of a loop line around the south of the city centre which closed in 1979 for regular traffic, and used only for tourist tram services, before being dismantled completely in 1992. Aegidientorplatz is also largely unrecognisable and the redevelopment included the removal of elevated roadway which was once part of a planned ring road and which had been opened in 1968.

The recent remodelling of Ernst-August-Platz, the open area directly in front of the main station building, involved the removal of trams (and thus the onward tracks in Joachimstrasse and Prinzenstrasse) and diversion under tha main-line railway tracks to a new terminus at the Central Bus Station, and providing access to the main railway station's northern entrance. Access to the southern entrance is now from a new tram stop   (Hanover Hauptbahnhof / Rosenstrasse) in Kurt-Schumacher-Strasse.


Above : In 1983

Above : By 1991, little had changed except that the Telefunken company had erected a massive rooftop advertising sign which would be particularly prominent when lit up at night - and articulated six-axle Duwag trams with trailers were still regularly to be seen on this surface route. 


Above : In 1991 a Stadtbahn car waits at points at Thielenplatz en route to Rathaus. Seen on the right, the line to Konigstrasse, Emmichplatz, Zoo and Kleefeld/Nackenberg was closed in September 1996 (although there were trips on the line by historical trams for tourist purposes until July 1998, and the points at Thielenplatz were removed before the end of the year)


Above : Seen  in 1983, a "Grossraumwagen" and trailer head towards Aegidientorplatz, with Thielenplatz in the background

Above : In 1991, the tram calls at Thielenplatz tram stop at the northern end of Prinzenstrasse

Above : This view from April 1998 could have been 1991, except for the new construction on the right hand side of prinzenstrasse at Thielenplatz. The elevated roadway at Aegidientorplatz can be seen in the distance and it was not long until it was dismantled.


Above : In 1983, with view towards Prinzenstrasse

Above : In 1991, trams, albeit new "Stadtbahn" cars were still running onwards to Rathaus.


Above : In 1983

Above : by 1991 there had been little change except modernisation of the rolling stock, but six years later it was all-change and the end for the trams at this point.

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