InTramCities  with Gordon Stewart  : Closed tramway Alignments
Basel, Switzerland

Gasstrasse, between Entenweidstrasse and Voltastrasse : Closed in 2009 : photographed on 20th August 2008                                                                                             

A more direct route between Kannenfeldplatz and Voltaplatz was inaugurated in 1963 through Gasstrasse which meant that trams no longer called directly at Bahnhof St Johann. The original route via Entenweidstrasse and Voltastrasse was restored in 2009 and the tram stop Gasstrasse / Bahnhof St Johann was eliminated.
Gasstrasse has been closed off at the Voltaplatz end and capped with a new hedgerow. This has allowed for more pedestrian space on the west side of Voltaplatz, where new trees have been planted.

Above : View towards  Entenweidstrasse

Above : View towards Entenweidstrasse

Above : View towards Voltaplatz

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