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Torino, Italy

Ponte Regina Margherita and Corso Giuseppe Gabetti, between between Piazzale Regina Margherita and Hermada tram terminus with the intermediate stop at Borromini : Closed on October 1st, 2017 : Photographed on April 19th, 2015                                                                                            
This short tramway branch across the river Poalong Corse Giuseppe Gabetti and terminating at Corso Quintino Sella only came into back service in April 2015 with the introduction of the new line 6, having had services withdrawn in late 2012 for reconstruction work. This line has apparently failed to attract enough business to justify continuation and the last services were on October 1st, 2017. Only the short western end of route 6 was on tracks served by this line only and here, electric buses now provide the only service. Turin has a track record of closing routes but not lifting the tracks which always prompts speculation that services might be restored at some point in the future - as has happened on occasion, so there might still be a future for the steep alignment to Hermata, which until cut back in the mid-1980s carried on for a short distance north-westwards along Corso Quintino Sella. 
Film No No Location View Dir Tram Notes
215009 88 Ospedale Gradenico East West 6030 Piazzale Regina Margherita / Ponte Regina Margherita    
215009 89 Ospedale Gradenico East West 6030 also 6031 eastbound    
215009 91 Borromini Out Out 6031 Ponte Regina Margherita    
215009 92 Borromini Out Out 6031 Corso Giuseppe Gabetti      
215009 93 Hermada Capolinea Out
6031 Piazza Hermada      
215009 94 Hermada Capolinea Out
215009 95 Hermada Capolinea Out In 6031
215009 96 Hermada Capolinea In In 6031 Corso Giuseppe Gabetti      
215009 97 Borromini In In 6031
215009 98 Hermada Capolinea In Out 6035 Piazza Hermada      
215009 99 Hermada Capolinea In Out 6035
215009 100 Borromini In In 6035 Ponte Regina Margherita      

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