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Crich (Museum Tramway), United Kingdom : 1990
The Tramway Museum Society acquired land at a quarry at Crich in Derbyshire in 1959 with a view to operational preservation of its five historical British tramcars. This move was made at a time when the last urban tramways in Britain were closing and the collection was able to expand rapidly. As well as operational preservation, volunteers are also involved in regular restoration work and new cars are continually being added to the collection.

The museum is now the National Tramway Museum, and has become a significant tourist attraction in its own right, with several trams in operation at any one time, buildings erected to recreate reasonably authentic street scenes and displays for recreating tram history as well as housing material for more detailed study of tramways.

Trams featured in this series are:

- Glasgow "Standard" cars 812 (of 1900) and 22 (of 1922), which arrived at Crich in 1960 and 1963 respectively.
- Blackpool open crossbench car 2, built in 1898 for the Blackpool & Fleetwood Tramroad and at Crich since 1963.
- London County Council 106 (later London 022) built in 1903 and originally preserved at the former transport museum at Clapham.

1 Glasgow 22

2 Glasgow 22 and Glasgow 812

3 Glasgow 22 and London 106

4 Glasgow 812, Glasgow 22 and London 106

5 Blackpool 2 and Glasgow 22

6 Glasgow 812

7 London 106

8 Blackpool 2


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