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Gmunden, Austria : 29th August, 2003

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The line runs from the station to town centre and is single track with a passing loop at Tennisplatz.

It is proposed that it be re-extended through the town centre from Franz-Josef-Platz (above) to the Seebahnhof.

Gmunden is a small town of around 15,000 inhabitants located an the northern end of the Traunsee, a picturesque lake whose southern half reaches deep into alpine territory. The tramway at Gmunden runs downhill from the OBB (Austrian Railways) station to the town centre at the lakeside, a distance of 2.2 km. The line is single track with a passing loop at Tennisplatz and a depot near the Kraftwerk tramstop.

The line was opened in August 1894, operated electrically from the outset, with three two-axle trams, to which a fourth was added during the the following year. Tram 5, which still survives in operatioinal order for special occasional services, was purchased in 1911. Three second hand cars were obtained after World War II and in 1962, a new "Grossraum" tram (number 8) was delivered. Further strengthening of the fleet was achieved after second hand Grossraum trams were purchased from the Vestische Strassenbahn in Germany. Tram 9 entered service in 1977 and 10 followed in 1983 after refurbishment locally at Vorchdorf. A third car was bought for spares.

In 1975, the line, which had previously terminated at Rathausplatz, was cut back to Franz-Josef-Platz. The reason given was to ensure that trams did not interfere with new traffic lights installed in the town centre. Recent proposals made by the town council give hope that the line will be restored in the central area and extended to the Seebahnhof to connect with the Traunseebahn, a local light railway linking Gmunden with Vorchdorf and also operated by the Stern + Hafferl company.

As a further indication that the tramway will not only survive, but be extended, was given in the summer of 2003 when tram 107 was operated on loan from Nordhausen in Germany. This was an example of Siemens' popular "Combino" model, a 100% low-floor tram in modular design, suitable in it's shorter form for smaller tram systems. After ten days in Gmunden, the Combino ran trials on the Traunseebahn for one day
- and the success of the trial could encourage not only the modernisation of the Gmunden Strassenbahn, but also it's linking and integration with the Traunseebahn with 600 metres of new track.
Date Film No No Location View Dir Tram
29/08/2003 203113 1 Bahnhof In In 10
29/08/2003 203113 2 Kraftwerk In Out 10
29/08/2003 203113 3 Kraftwerk In Out 10
29/08/2003 203113 4 Kraftwerk Out Out 10
29/08/2003 203113 5 Kraftwerk

29/08/2003 203113 6 Rosenkranz Out In 10
29/08/2003 203121 1 Tennisplatz In Out 10
29/08/2003 203121 2 Tennisplatz In Out 10
29/08/2003 203121 3 Tennisplatz In Out 10
29/08/2003 203121 4 Kuferzeile Out In 10
29/08/2003 203121 5 Kuferzeile In In 10
29/08/2003 203121 6 Esplanade Out In 10
29/08/2003 203121 7 Franz-Josef-Platz In In 10
29/08/2003 203121 8 Franz-Josef-Platz In
29/08/2003 203121 9 Bahnhof In



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