InTramCities with Ian Stewart

Ian Stewart (1931-1992) lived near the centre of Aberdeen with trams passing the front window of the tenement flat on Willowbank Road in which he grew up. As a child he loved the trams, but it was not until the 1970s that his interest was rekindled once his son Gordon, whose only experience was to have been on a Sheffield tram as a small baby, discovered trams on a family holiday. With his son developing a strong interest in German tramways in particular, Ian, who travelled frequently on business, usually made sure he carried a camera with him to take tram photographs in any free time he was able to make. Photographs taken in West Germany in the 1970s are included in a separate special report. Here are some other photos taken on those business trips.    

Barcelona, Spain  (1987)
Belgrade, Yugoslavia, now Serbia  (1980s and 1990)
Berlin, Germany  (1987 and 1991)
Blackpool, UK  (1985)
Bremen, Germany  (1984)
Bruxelles, Belgium  (mid-1970s)
Calcutta, India  (1987)
Den Haag, Netherlands  (1977)
Helsinki, Finland
Katowice, Poland (1990)
Lille -Roubaix - Tourcoing, France  (1970s)
Mexico City, Mexico  (1983)
Prague, Czechoslovakia, now Czechia  (1992)
Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, now Bosnia-Hercegovina  (1990)
Tokyo, Japan  (1984)
Turin, Italy  (1984)
Vienna, Austria  (1977)
Zagreb, Yugoslavia, now Croatia  (1990)
Japan (1970s)


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