Tramscape Tramway Photographs

Stuttgart, Germany : 27th July, 1977

In 1977, the tunnel under Koenigstrasse, seen under construction in 1975 is open from under the Hauptbahnhof (Arnulf-Klett-Platz) to a ramp between Hauptbahnhof and Schlossplatz. By 1979 the ramp had been removed and underground services extended under Schlossplatz to Charlottenplatz. The south-western part of Konigstrasse, between Schlossplatz and Rotebuhlplatz lost its trams when this change took place.

Date Film No No Location View Dir Tram Notes
27/07/1977 770011 1 Schlossplatz

View along Konigstrasse towards Hauptbahnhof
27/07/1977 770011 2 Konigstrasse

Tram ascending the temporary ramp in Konigstrasse
27/07/1977 770011 3 Wilhelmsbau

View along Konigstrasse towards Schlossplatz
27/07/1977 770011 4 Wilhelmsbau

Temporary ramp for services to Rathaus & Osterreichischer Platz
27/07/1977 770011 5 Mercedesstrasse

View towards city centre
27/07/1977 770011 6 Wilhelmsplatz

View from the direction of the city centre


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