TS Saint Columba (ex-Queen Alexandra, 1912)  
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St Columba J jeffrey.jpg
Above: Saint Columba in the 1950s in a photo by James W Jeffrey
Launched on April 9th 1912 by William Denny and Bros at Dumbarton
Engines : 3 direct drive turbines by Denny and Co
Dimensions : 270.3 ft x 32.1 ft
785 Gross Registered Tons, later 827 tons

Built to replace the fire damaged and subsequently sold Queen Alexandra of 1902
Placed on Turbine Steamers’ Campeltown run in succession to her namesake
Requisitioned as a troop transport ship from 1915 to 1919
A notable wartime exploit was the ramming and sinking of a German U-Boat
After the war she was generally on the Inveraray cruise
From 1927, she was back on the Campbeltown route
In 1932 her promenade deck was largely enclosed to form a spacious saloon
Sold to David MacBrayne in October 1935
Reappeared for the 1936 season with three funnels and an extended deck saloon
Renamed Saint Columba
Remained on the Clyde, operating MacBrayne’s Glasgow to Ardrishaig mail service
Reboilered in 1937 and converted to oil fuel
Served during World War II as an accommodation ship at Greenock
Returned to the summer Ardrishaig service in 1947, serving until the end of the 1958 season
Withdrawn and scrapped shortly afterwards.

Queen alexandra II Dennis PC.jpg

Published as a post card by E T W Dennis & Sons Ltd of London and Scarborough, this view was number 34 of their Art Colloesque series. On the reverse it had technical details and a brief service history of the ship and dates from shortly after World War I.  Kindly supplied by Michael Brown from his collection
Saint columba Valentine PC M Brown.jpg
This Valentine post card was sent in 1950 and also comes from the Michael Brown collection
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