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PS Vltava
Operating Area : River Vltava, Prague, Czech Republic

DS Vltava.jpg

Above : Vltava in 2009. Photo by kind courtesy of Olivier Bachmann
Builders : Werft Heinrich at Aussig (now called Usti-nad-Labem), completed at Praga yard, Prague
Engines : Compound Diagonal by CKD in Prague
Length : 54 metres
Entered service : 1941

Renamed Moldau once Germany took control of the area during World War II
Original name restored in 1945
Deck saloons fitted in 1960, but access to upper deck prohibited soon afterwards
Reboilered for oil fuel in 1979
A boiler explosion on May 1st, 1989 causing one death, put the vessel out of service
A new boiler was fitted in 1991 and Vltava was able to resume service in October of that year
Took part in the regular Parade of Steam at Dresden on July 9th 2014 after a two day trip in either direction.  
Above : Vltava in June 2004 by Gordon Stewart

Photos : Cruise from Prague to Slapy Dam on 29th August 2004 photographed by Nigel Clark

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