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All Aboard ............ P.S. Rhone in 2007 by Gordon Stewart                                                          


Built in 1927 by Sulzer Brothers, PS Rhone was the last paddler built for service on Lake Geneva


 View forward from the upper deck saloon


View aft on the upper deck


NOW, ON THE MAIN DECK : View into the forward part of the ship. Unlike may othe Swiss paddlers, the roundel is completely open to the main part of the deck and although the main saloon for secnd class ticket holding passengers, it presents a very spartan appearance.


Inside the roundel


Unusually for a paddle steamer, there was, until 2011, very little to see from the engine gallery. Much of the machinery was enclosed in steel casings as a result of the engine's method of lubrication. Rather than internally through oil from the characteristic oil cups, lubrication is external and therefore splashes around the moving parts. When built it was assumed that there was little demand to see the engines in operation, and only for the 2011 season was the casing replaced by perspex glass as had happened on lake Lucerne's PS Stadt Luzern (the only similarly-lubricated ship in Switzerland) many years ago


As an observer, it is difficult to see anything of interest when aboard PS Rhone ..... Apart from the enclosed crank, almost everything is well concealed on the lower deck


View forward along the port side from outside the purser's office


View aft from outside the purser's office


Catering area at the entrance to the first class restaurant on the main deck, aft


Meals ready to be taken to diners in the main restaurant


The main dining room, aft on the main deck

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