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Bristol General Steam Navigation Co

War Office Steam Packet Co (1821-1827) 
General Steam Packet Co  (1827-1834)
Bristol Steam Packet Co (1834)
Bristol General Steam Navigation Co (1834-1877)
Bristol Steam Navigation Co (1877-1980) : Irish ownership : City of Cork Steamship Co

Originally set up to serve Ireland in the service of the War Office, the company carried passengers and freight to Ireland and to ports in Wales, the south coast of England and France. Passenger services ended in 1914
George the Fourth was the first sea-going steamship built in Bristol

Juno of 1868, operating on the Cork run, was the first ship to use the locks at the Cumberland Basin and open the new Avonmouth Dock, both in 1877

George the Fourth (1822-xxxx)
Duke of Lancaster (1822-1825)
Viscount Palmerston (1822-xxxx)
Palmerston (1823 and 1836-1844, converted to sail only)
City of Bristol (1827-1840)
Beached on Llangennith Sands

City of Waterford (1829-xxxx)
Killarney (1830-1838) Wrecked near Cork
Frolic (1830-1831) Built in 1827. Operated passenger runs to West Wales.  Sunk off Swansea in March 1831
Albion (1831-1837) Beached at Marloes Sands, Pembrokeshire
Glamorgan (1832-1854) Built in 1822. Latterly used as a tug
Star (1835-1856)
Osprey (1835-xxxx)
Phoenix (1837-xxxx)
Usk (1838-1856)
Queen (1838-1843) Wrecked off Skokholm Island
Lady Charlotte (1839-1854) Built in 1834
Shamrock (1840-1864)
Air (1840-1853) Built in 1825
Rose (1842-1855)
Swift (1844-1862)
Juverna (1847-xxxx)

Dart (1849-1870)
Torridge (1849-xxxx) Built in 1835
Flora (1858-1863) Sold for blockade running
Taff (1856-1870)
Juno (1856-1863) Built in 1853. Blockade runner. Later in Brazil
Ely (1857-1869) Sold to Cardiff & Portishead Steam Ship Co. Later in Germany sailing from Kiel to Copenhagen as Adler
Panther (1860-1868) Built in 1847
Apollo (1862-1877) Sold to the City of Cork Steam Packet Co
Alfred (1864) Sold immediately for blockade running in America
Juno (1868-1900)
Briton (1976-1892) Built in 1862


Sampson (1838-1852)
Tiger (1841-xxxx)
Atlas (1856-1873) Built in 1854
Hector (1871-1873)
Leo (1871-1873)

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