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St George Steam Packet Co (1822-1843) : City of Cork Steamship Co (1843-1918 : Became part of Coast Lines)

Established in Cork in 1822 providing services to Dublin, Liverpool and Bristol and from Liverpool to Douglas and Glasgow.
Services from Liverpool along the North Wales Coast to Beaumaris, Bangor and Caernarfon were operated by the Liverpool & North Wales Steam Packet Company.
A refinancing of a failing St George company led to the reconstitution as the City of Cork Steamship Company
Vessels were generally passenger and cargo vessels. By 1850 they were purchasing screw steamers and not paddle steamers

St George claimed the fastest ever crossing from Dublin to Liverpool - in 11 hours 30 minutes and subsequently improved it to 10 hrs 40 minutes

Sirius was chartered for two transatlantic crossings by the British & American Steam Navigation Company in 1838 - and by beating the paddle steamer Great Western to New York, she became the "Blue Riband" record holder for the fastest crossing....only until the Great Western arrived, having departed Bristol three days after Sirius. The B&A were planning entry to the Transatlantic market and were building their British Queen (originally to be called Royal Victoria) whilst the Great Western Steamship Co were building their Brunel-designed Great Western for the same purpose. With both delayed in construction but Great Western ready first, the B&A took it upon themselves to make the charter and "get there first".

The Bristol General Steam Navigation Co was taken over in 1877 but operated semi-independently as the Bristol Steam Navigation Co

St Patrick (1822-1824) Sold
St George (1822-1830) Wrecked off Douglas
St Patrick (1825-1831) Wrecked near Waterford
Lord Blayney (1825-1833) Wrecked near Prestatyn
Lee (1825-1845) Sold
Kingstown (1826-1845)
Prince Llewellyn (1828-1842) Built in 1822 ex- Liverpool & North Wales SP Co. 

Ormrod (1830-1833) Built in 1826. ex- Liverpool & North Wales SP Co. Sold
Sophia Jane (1830-1831) Built in 1826 for London owner. Sold for use in Australia, serving until 1845. Her engine was re-used in ps Phoenix

Earl of Roden (1831-1843) Wrecked off Ballycotton
Superb (1831-1835) Built in 1825. ex- Cork & Bristol SN Co. Wrecked in the Mersey
Saint George (1832-1842)  Sold
Victory (1832-1845) Sold
Zephyr (1832-1844) Sold
Express (1832-1843) Sold
Paul Pry (1832-1853) Built in 1828. ex- Liverpool & North Wales SP Co
William the Fourth (1832-1843) Built in 1831. ex- J&W Watson of London. Sold
St Patrick (1833-1837) Sold
Erin (1834-1844) Built in 1826.  ex- Dublin & Glasgow Sailing SP Co. Sold
Scotia (1834-1843) Built in 1828.  
ex- Dublin & Glasgow Sailing SP Co. Sold
Cornubia (1834-1840) Built in 1832. ex- Plymouth, Falmouth & Penzance SP Co. Sold
Severn (1835-1845). Built in 1825 ex- Cork & Bristol SN Co. Sold
Cumberland (1835-1843) Built in 1826. Ex- Carlisle & Liverpool SN Co. Sold
Innisfail (1835-1843) Built in 1826. ex- Dublin & Cork SN Co. Sold
Emerald Isle (1835-1842) Sold
ex- Dublin & Glasgow Sailing SP Co. Sold
Air (1835-1837) Built in 1825. ex- G&J Burns. Sold for use in Cork. Later in Bristol
Hercules (1835-1834) Sold to Chester & Holyhead Railway
Ocean (1836-1853) Sold to Chester & Holyhead Railway
Sirius (1836-1847) Wrecked off Ballycotton
Jupiter (1836-1847) Sold
Juno (1837-1841) Sold
Tiger (1838-1847) Sold

Osprey (1852-1853) Sold
Preussische Adler (1872-1887) Built in 1845. ex- Cork Steam Shipping Co. Scrapped
Apollo (1877-1881) Built in 1862. ex- Bristol General SN Co. Sold
Juno (1900) Built in 1868. ex- Bristol General SN Co. Scrapped

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