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Diessen  (Diesel-hydraulic)
Ammersee, Germany
The "new" Diessen seen on July 3rd 2006, the day of her reintroduction into service. The Diessen of 2006 is in effect a new ship incorporating the structural members from the hull, the steering and rudder mechanisms from the old ship, plus a number of internal fittings of historical interest. The size and profile of the new ship are different from the original ship. Photo courtesy of Andreas Heene.

Built : Original vessel built in 1908 by J.A. Maffei of Munich (and substantially rebuilt in new size and form in 2006)
Dimensions : 39.8 x 10.15 m
Machinery : Compound Diagonal - Replaced by Diesel-hydraulic equipment 1974/75 - new Deutz diesel-hydraulic unit fitted in 2006.
Her original steam engine (and one paddle wheel removed in 2005) remains with a museum organisation

Diessen failed to obtain her passenger certificate after the 2005 season, but rather than scrap her, the decision was taken to rebuild her.
After the rebuild she emerged as in effect a new ship incorporating some parts from the old "Diessen"
Refit included complete replating up to the water line (some plates were found to be only 1 mm thick), a new wooden deck and new engines.
Ship was moved to the Lux Werft at Bonn on the Rhein (including an overland journey each way) for the reconstruction of the hull below the water line
Studies concluded that on technical and cost grounds, it was not feasible to use her old steam engines
Length and breadth of the vessel was extended slightly to meet new stability and floodability standards and to allow disabled access to more facilities.
New deckhouses give the ship a new profile : she is now a so-called "Half-saloon" steamer
Many internal fittings were retained in the new ship and also many items of "traditional" appearance removed and put into store in 1975 have been incorporated
Reentered service on July 3rd 2006

Diessen 203081-04.jpg

Diessen at Herrsching pier in 2003 before reconstruction commenced

Above : Diessen in 1973. Photo by kind courtesy of Bill Worden

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Diessen 21 03 06 A AH.jpg

Diessen on 21st March 2006 as her reconstruction is close to completion. Photo by kind courtesy of Andreas Heene.
Diessen 03 07 06 AH.jpg
July 3rd 2006 - and Diessen begins her maiden voyage after reconstruction. MPV Herrshing lies off as Diessen backs away from Diessen pier.
Photo by kind courtesy of Andreas Heene

The original engines are now owned by the International Maritime Museum at Hamburg

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Diessen Steam Engine s.jpg

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