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PS Dresden

River Elbe at Dresden, Germany

PS Dresden at Dresden in August 2014. Photo by kind courtesy of Phil Barnes
Length 68.70 metres
2 cylinder diagonal machine : 375 mm and 800 mm x 800 mm stroke by WUMAG, Uebigau

Entered service in 1926 
Damaged severely by fire in 1946 but rebuilt and in service again in 1949
Major reconditioning in early 1993
In May 1989, the ship visited the (west) German port of Hamburg as part of the port's 800-year anniversary celebrations.
The crew were suitably vetted to avoid possible absconding ..... but within a year, Germany was unified in any case !

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At Dresden in 2004

Sailing near Dresden

Close up of paddle box

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Above : Dresden approaching Koenigstein on 4th August 2014. Photo by kind courtesy of Phil Barnes.
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Nigel Clark's Photos of Dresden in 2004

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