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Firth of Forth
 Excursion services were operated primarily by Galloway Saloon Steam Packet Co, which eventually became controlled by the North British Railway. The company can trace its roots back to Matthew Galloway who was the driving force of the company for almost all of its existence. Galloway's father John was probably the first achnowledged ship owner to offer excursions although paddle steamer services on the Forth can be traced back to 1814, only two years after Henry Bell introduced the Comet to the Clyde. It was Bell who brought the Stirling Castle to sail from the eponomous city. This name was to be associated with Firth of Forth sailings until 1907. As with many ship operating areas, numerous individual owners offered services, but it was Galloway's company which was to win out and dominate.

The excursion steamers era effectively ended in 1914 when the Forth was declared a controlled area for military purposes at the outbreak of World I, but business had not been lucrative and the North British railway had given priority to its land-based services in any event. Pure excursion services were not a money maker and with two old paddlers remaining from their fleet in 1918, they were sold off to the Admiralty and the business wound up.

Prior to the opening of the Forth Road Bridge in the 1960s, car ferries crossed the Forth estuary, between North and South Queensferry. Latterly, these were operated by Wm. Denny & Bros, of Dumbarton shipbuilding fame.
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