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London & North Western Railway
A major British Railway Company created in 1846 out of the amalgamation of three smaller railway companies. With amalgamation of the British railway system in 1923, it became part of the London, Midland and Scottish Railway. Connecting services were operated from Holyhead to Ireland (Kingstown or Dublin) and the company also operated links from Fleetwood to northern Ireland (Belfast and Derry) in association with the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway

Vessels taken over from the Chester & Holyhead Railway

Hercules (1859-1862)
Ocean (1859-1862)
Anglia (1859-1861)
Cambria (1859-1861)
Scotia (1859-1861)
Sea Nymph (1859-1876)
Telegraph (1859-1874)

New Build

Admiral Moorsom (1860-1885)
Alexandra (1863-1889)
Stanley (1864-1888)
Countess of Erne (1868-1889)
Earl Spencer (1874-1896)
Rose (1876-1894)
Shamrock (1876-1898)
Isabella (1877-1898)
Lily (1880-1900)
Violet (1880-1902)
Banshee (1884-1906)

Carlingford Lough Services

Greenore, later Gloughmore (1896-1922)
Cargo Vessels

Duchess of Sutherland (1868-1908, converted to screw propulsion in 1888)
Edith (1870-1912, converted to screw propulsion in 1892)
Eleanor (1873-1881)
Eleanor (1881-1902)

Fleetwood Services to Ireland (with the Lancashire & Yorkshire railway)

Royal Consort (1870-1890)
Princess of Wales (1870-1896)
Prince Arthur (1871-1877)
Thomas Dugdale (1873-1883)
Duke of Connaught (1875-1895)
Prince of Wales (1886-1896)

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