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Above : Ryde in 1937. Photographer unknown. From a collection purchased by Istvan Radi and shown with thanks
Built in 1937 by Wm Denny & Bros at Dumbarton, Scotland
Engines : Triple expansion diagonal  
16, 25.5 and 41 inches x 63 inches
Dimensions : 223 ft x 52 ft (overall)
566 Gross Registered Tons

Built for the Southern Railway's ferry service from Portsmouth on the south coast of England to Ryde on the Isle of Wight.
Operated a year-round service in the pre-World War II years
Requisitioned as a minesweeper in World War II. Assisted in the Normandy landings
Replaced on the regular ferry service by motor vessels, Ryde became a relief and summer-only vessel
She spent  a few days in September 1968 at Tower Pier London offering short cruises on charter to Gilbey's Gin
Withdrawn after the 1969 season
Moved to a mud berth at Binfield Marina, Isle of Wight in 1970 and her boiler removed
Opened in 1972 as the "Ryde Queen Boatel", and after a fire in 1977 reopened as a discotheque and clubhouse as "Ryde Queen" until 1989
She remained in use as a clubhouse for the marina
Various efforts to preserve the vessel and restore her failed primarily because the owners never agreed to a sale
2022 : Vessel still remains in an extremely derelect condition at Binfield Marina

Above : Ryde prepares for her final season (1969) at the coal barge in Portsmouth Harbour. Photo by kind courtesy of Derek Gawn
Click here for more from Ryde's final season by Derek Gawn

Above : Ryde under tow by Husband's tug Assurance on 16th September 1970 with her next stop the River Medina at Binfield, Isle of Wight. Photo by kind courtesy of Derek Gawn 
Click here for more of the tow and Ryde's early period on the Medina

Ryde's subsequent life at Binfield Marina (later renamed Island Harbour) has been one of gradual decline and neglect ......

Above : In preservation at Binfield Marina in 1981. Photo by Gordon Stewart

From the photograph archive: Ryde in 1989 by Gordon Stewart.   Click here for more photos

Above : Aerial view of Ryde at Binfield Marina taken on 15th May 1992 by Phil Barnes.  Click here for more

Above : Ryde in 1999. Even then there was no realistic hope of saving the vessel.  Photo by kind courtesy of Phil Barnes.  Click here for more photos from 1999

Above : Ryde in 2008 by kind courtesy of Jack Woodhams

Above : September 2020. Ryde continues to disintegrate at Binfield Marina, Isle of Wight. Photo by kind courtesy of Phil Barnes
Hopes of removing her and saving the remaining parts of the engine have, so far, not come to fruition. Click here for more photos from 2020

Above : Further deterioration  by 2022. Photo by kind courtesy of Bob Thwaites  :  see more

Ryde's Engine

Above : Ryde's Engine. Photo by Kenny Whyte. Click here for more

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