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Lake Geneva, Switzerland
Geneve (1896-1973) : Converted to diesel in 1934. Moored at Geneva

General Dufour, a near sister to Montreux, but never "dieselised" and the smaller Major Davel fell victim to the modernisation and motorisation of the mid-1960s. The replacement of older tonnage had begun after Valais (a relatively young vessel) was unexpectedly withdrawn with boiler trouble and moored at Geneva's Jardin des Anglais as a restaurant and office, replacing PS France which had long served in that role.

Major Davel was sold in 1970 for use at Ripaille, near Thonon, on the French south bank of the lake, but quickly fell into neglect at Thonon. She survived for many years in a deteriorating condition before being scrapped in 1990.

Lausanne, which had been converted to diesel operation in 1949, was finally withdrawn in 1977 after several years as the reserve vessel. No further use was found for her.
Valais was finally removed from her Geneva berth and scrapped in 2003


Valais (1913-1962 : Scrapped 2003)
General Dufour (1905-1967)
Lausanne (1901-1977)
Major Davel (1892-1967)
France (1886-1932)
Dauphin (1882-1915)
Simplon (1879-1917)
renamed Guillaume-Tell in 1915
Jura (1879-1905)
Mouette (1875-1907)
Cygne (1875-1910)
Mont Blanc (1875-1893)
renamed La Suisse in 1893 and Evian in 1910
Winkelried (1871-1918)
Bonivard (1868-1925)
La Fleche (1866-1912)
renamed Ville-de-Geneve in 1872 and Guillaume Tell in 1893
Chablais (1866-1873)
Dranse (1859-1873)
renamed Mont Blanc in 1864
Leman (1857-1939)
Aigle No 2 (1857-1917)
renamed Aigle in 1873
Rhone No 2 (1857-1900)
renamed Chillon in 1865
Rhone No 1 (1856-1883)
renamed Rhone in 1865
Hirondelle (1855-1862)
Ville-de-Nyon (1854-1875)
renamed Italie in 1857
Guillaume Tell (1853-1893)
Aigle (1842-1874)
renamed Simplon in 1860
Helvetie (1841-1918)
Leman (1838-1856)
Aigle (1837-1841)
Leman (1826-1837)
Leman Remorqueur (1826-1827)
Winkelried (1824-1842)
Guillaume Tell (1823-1836)

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